HQ Daylife | Nightlife

HQ Daylife | Nightlife

An elevated nightclub experience that stuns even the most discerning party-goers and trendsetters.

HQ Nightclub, a creation by Angel Management Group, EMM Group, and Revel, a stunning nightlife space which features a state-of-the-art performance area, exuding a different ambiance within a unique setting that stuns even the most discerning partygoers and trendsetters.

Spread out luxuriously over two floors, HQ Nightclub offers a lavish nightlife experience for elite guests that will ignite their senses. HQ’s main room is the centerpiece of the venue greeting guests with a sprawling and expansive scenic view of the Atlantic Ocean with 24 feet LED screens embracing the crowd. HQ encompasses a custom-made DJ booth along with a suspended performance stage set right above, numerous bars, an array of VIP booths, a large dance floor and mezzanine level with additional seating set amongst a more intimate setting.

HQ Beach Club

An ultra-luxe beach club, featuring a triangular pool, multiple levels, and pulsating beats that envelop every corner.

A product of the partnership between Angel Management Group (AMG) and EMM Group, HQ Beach Club at Revel is Atlantic City’s newest entertainment offering, introducing a signature day-to-night party experience in tandem with HQ Nightclub. The ultra-luxe, boardwalk-level pool lounge hugs the slick curvature of the hotel’s exterior, and features a central triangular pool, multiple levels and two juxtaposing bars. Throbbing beats envelop every corner of the venue via its integrated Turbosound system, installed throughout each of the bars, cabanas, bungalows, and pools. Stunning model servers tend to every detail, including bottle service for tables, daybeds, and bungalow reservations, as well as orders from the extensive cocktail and food menus.


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